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UKIP candidate and occasional commenter on this blog, Tallbloke, returned here today to leave a ‘told you so’ comment on a blog post where we said that Farage’s comments on the floods indicate UKIP has abandoned its anti-EU role, which dates back to 9th February.

The comment he linked to in his latest contribution was this one.  As it would not be spotted by most readers, we felt it only fair to give it a good airing.  Along with the reply that has been left to the comment, which is reproduced below…


Nice to see you back here after chickening out of answering the question here. But now you’re back, don’t be silly, Rog.

Farage has deliberately avoided linking the EU to a number of consequences of Brussels governance over the last year.  His shortsighted call for a public inquiry has seen him change his narrative.  He has…

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ashtondynamoptnetAshton takes down some names as illegal immigration into the EU DOUBLES

When it comes to solving the highly flammable and destabilising mayhem in Ukraine, you wouldn’t start on the square marked Catherine Ashton. But she chaired a headless chicken meeting of EU foreign ministers yesterday, because alarmingly, she is in charge of this sort of thing. Her own version of Cobra (Worm?) agreed to issue asset freezes and travel bans against individuals “deemed responsible for violence and excessive force”. Ashton said this was “a matter of urgency”, although “negotiations between the two sides are progressing”.

Faced with an urgent crisis, I’m not sure tickling the underarms of a few security officers (chosen at random by Brussels wonks) fills me with optimism. William Hague got behind Ashton, saying he supported the sanctions but had to hurry off for another meeting in Washington. However, it was clear that France, Germany and…

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This is a civil case. why should they be prohibited? This is a little snip at what is lawful and what isn’t.

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Liberty Last week, the civil liberties and human rights Liberty announced that it was seeking to intervene in the libel claim brought by PC Toby Rowland against Andrew Mitchell MP arising out of the so-called “Plebgate” scandal.  This raises an interesting issue as to the extent to which public officials should be able to sue ordinary citizens for libel.

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courtney-love Courtney Love has successfully defended her former lawyer’s US Twitter libel claim – ‘Twibel’ as it been labelled by media and on social media. The case has been lauded as breaking new ground in defining the nexus of social media and defamation.

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