Thameslink Contract and Much Else Besides.


Really, really brilliant from Monckton.

Love him or hate him, the man can win a debate. Andrew Bolt shares the results of the National Press Club Debate in Australia writing: No wonder the warmists hate debate The National Press Club debate‚Äôs results: Lord Monckton – 10 Former Greens adviser Richard Denniss – 1 Journalists – 0. Watch the video of the debate in full: … Read More

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It’s all falling apart. God, how I love this….

Contradictory Studies - IPCC Struggling to Pinpoint Rising Sea Levels Story submitted by WUWT reader Mark B …the estimates currently differ by almost five meters (16.5 feet). The United Nations' forecast of how quickly global sea levels will rise this century is vital in determining how much money might be needed to combat the phenomenon. But predictions by researchers vary wildly, and the attempt to find consensus has become fractious. It is a number which will ultimately establish how billions in taxpayer money … Read More

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