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the next wave

5430640273_369ff6fde8_zOne of my New Year Resolutions is to try to do some different things on the next wave – to try to mix up the content a bit. And oddly, the death of the former Conservative Home Secretary Leon Brittan gives me exactly this opportunity. I’ll remember him this way, through a poem by Pat Condell that I read in 1985 and came to mind the moment I heard the news that Brittan had died.

We’re backing Brittan

by Pat Condell

more prisons! restrain! incarcerate!

protect us from people who don’t pay their rates

from vagabonds, vagrants, dogs who foul the pavement

& anyone scrounging on the welfare state

from prostitutes, shoplifters, single parents

people who leave food on the side of their plate

who squeeze the toothpaste in the middle

steal from clotheslines & beg on the street

protect us from anyone who answers back

when stopped on suspicion…

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Medicate the Well


underdogs bite upwards

Tomorrow’s morning shift changed to afternoon so no need to rush to bed tonight. Good thing too – I’m not tired and wouldn’t sleep.


I’m going to go with Rose’s cardboard box ageing to start with. It has the advantage that I can put a batch in one box and take samples from that one batch.

Poundland sell vacuum bags for clothes – you just connect the bag to a vacuum cleaner. They’re bigger than I would like but at two for a pound I’ll give them a go. I’ll just put one small batch into the room temperature vac-pack without whisky, since Anonymong has tried it and ithe result wasn’t good.

I’ll skip the jars. Already tried it with whisky and brandy and it looks good although I haven’t yet tested them. I need to work with what I have and limit the experiment to fit.

I think…

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‘Special edition’ of BBC’s Hardtalk to commemorate a terrorist.

underdogs bite upwards

I have to finish Panoptica, even with 7-day working, if it kills me. When I finish it, the Gubblement will probably kill me because they’ll think I’ve stolen their secret manifestos.

It has to be soon because it’s happening. Linked from Twitter is VGIF’s post of a transcript of a speech given By Christopher Hitchens. In which he talks about the infantilisation of people.

He was absolutely right. It’s been going on for a long time in subtle ways and blatant ways. It’s easy to notice the ‘you can’t have guns in case you hurt someone’ and ‘you can’t have these foods because you’ll eat too much of them’ and so on. Those are things you say to children. Yet there are other things that are just accepted.

If I have a (rare these days) takeaway coffee I take the lid off to drink it. I have actually had…

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