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What utter blx!

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Australian Rabbit “Oryctolagus cuniculus Tasmania 2″ by JJ Harrison (jjharrison89@facebook.com) – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

PLOS ONE has published a study which suggests two thirds of rabbit species will be severely affected by climate change. The authors of the study think climate change will force rabbits to migrate towards the poles, or to higher altitudes, and that some species will suffer significant range declines.

The abstract of the study;

Climate change during the past five decades has impacted significantly on natural ecosystems, and the rate of current climate change is of great concern among conservation biologists. Species Distribution Models (SDMs) have been used widely to project changes in species’ bioclimatic envelopes under future climate scenarios. Here, we aimed to advance this technique by assessing future changes in the bioclimatic envelopes of an entire mammalian order, the Lagomorpha, using a novel…

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There has been shock and outrage after leading Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander openly used the highly offensive ‘N’ word in an interview with BBC television yesterday.

Mr Alexander had previously been accused of using the word – which many people say is so offensive it should be eradicated from the English language – in other recent discussions about the future of the party.

The following is an extract from an interview in which Alexander uses the ‘n’ word twice in the space of just a few sentences (warning – offensive language):

“The truth is N**k was making an argument that we as pro-Europeans actually haven’t made our case anywhere near powerfully enough or consistently enough for 20 years. Turning that round is a big job. It can’t be done in two debates. I felt incredibly proud of N**k for doing that, because he was standing up for an argument that I really believe in.”

When contacted…

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Utter Twat!

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Are you sitting comfortably? Popcorn just out of the microwave and the beer nicely cooled? Are you wearing extra absorbent pants just in case? Well gather thee round and hear a tale of much “Cumpfuckery” and “Waltdolangdiggerydoda” the tale that is Antony Cumper Two the return.

A quick read for all who have not heard about Tony Cumper


A few weeks back we received a PM from a concerned individual about the antics of a Close protection firm called Thor Risk management where an individual called Tony Cumper was offering free jap slapping classes and close protection for venerable females again making claims of his Military skills, only to then insist on a charge for those services, So not free, and that there was hints of intimidation towards these females.

Now this is not walting, but scratch beneath the surface and a can of worms opened.

We took a…

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North Yorkshire Police have finally found a way to at least temporarily silence the citizen journalists who exposed the Jaconelli /Savile child abuse network in Scarborough when the might of North Yorkshire Police had inexplicably failed to expose it, for 50 years.

jaconnelli cartoon PE_Hibiscus_Cartoon-620x350 North Yorkshire Police, in an extraordinary legal move, are taking civil court action against two journalist Tim Hicks and Nigel Ward. It appears that Chief Constable Dave Jones, two other officers, a retired officer and 5 civilians sought a temporary injunction last week, at an interim hearing in a Leeds Court.  Tim Hicks and Nigel Ward offered to give undertakings to the court. The matter returns next month for a full hearing when the police will be pressing for a full injunction [4]  [32].

Remarkably the North Yorkshire Police claim that they are “victims” of harrassment and that the Police have spent £400,000 of the publics…

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Parliamentory Shenanigans.

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(not satire – it’s the Cameron government!)

Here are some of the strong words that were used in parliament today – by both Tory and Labour MPs – to describe David Cameron, Michael Gove and William Hague’s failed efforts to unseat the speaker John Bercow:

Grubby, squalid, nauseous, mean-spirited, humiliating, underhand, spiteful

Well yes. But has it really taken all this time for MPs to notice?

Because for some of us, all of those words sum up perfectly not just the last day, but the entire last 5 years of the Cameron/Clegg government.


For a full explanation of the complicated constitutional “jiggery pokery” that went on today, here’s the Guardian’s political editor Patrick Wintour on the whole sorry spectacle:

Tory backbench rebellion defeats Hague’s attempt to unseat Speaker


Please feel free to comment. And share.

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Makes to much sense for the Legacy Party’s to think of it.

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Most political parties, including UKIP, agree that the UK needs to cut the budget deficit.  And to the extent that George Osborne’s new budget seeks to do that, he deserves half a cheer.  The main thrust of UKIP’s criticism is not that he’s cutting the deficit, but that there was no mention of the immigration issue which is causing massive wage compression at the bottom of the income scale, and damaging the living standards of unskilled and semi-skilled workers.   We also argue that while cuts are necessary, he’s cutting the wrong things — attacking the living tree while ignoring the dead wood.

But there’s also a fundamental misunderstanding out there amongst some of the old parties, especially Labour and the Lib-Dems.  They see the need to cut the deficit, but they regard that as a simple, binary, either-or proposition.  You can cut spending, or you can increase taxes.  Take your…

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It’s all said below.

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Colin Grainger

I am sad to report that Colin Grainger passed away, yesterday the 16th March 2015. One can only begin to imagine the pain his family and friends are feeling. Colin was a former Chairman of Freedom2Choose, soon after our inception in 2007. Tributes have poured in to celebrate the life of a man who fought for the freedom of others, these are typical.


Will miss you @CaptainRanty RIP Farewell Colin, you will go down on the right side of history

RIP @CaptainRanty – A long time good friend to me. An original Libertarian.

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Hirsi Ali is one of the bravest women in the world, her very life at risk for her courage in speaking out. On International Women’s Day she of all people deserves to be honoured.  

She has been hounded from country to country for her civilised views on women’s rights – not only the target of threats by jihadist beasts but also of yelping little leftists, even here in Jakarta.

An Unspeakable Woman – And An Unspeakable Newspaper! 


Hirsi-Ali-VVD.NL-1200x1600 Hirsi


But now we learn that a man who has lauded the idea of putting her to death is on Obama’s pay-roll!

An Egyptian-born imam who in 2007 said that Somali-born activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali should receive the death penalty for her criticism of Islam is now a Department of Justice contractor hired to teach classes to Muslims who are in federal prison.   

Imam Who Called For Ayaan…

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Spot on.

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Just watching CNN, some puke from an outfit called CAGE in the UK, who seemed to be arguing that disloyal Islamists should be cosseted, cuddled, even, rather than hammered, as normal folk would hope they’d be.  

  • ————–
  • He was whining that Jihadi John had been ‘radicalised’ – the new word for choosing satanic evil as a way of life – due at least in part to being detained in Tanzania, where security authorities were concerned that he wanted to go to Somalia, where the terror gang called Al Shabbab were active.



British security services too, quite rightly, interested and had a word, so it’s said – by CAGE.

And this ‘explains’/ ‘excuses’ / ‘legitimises’ the pig JJ’s enthusiastic bloody savagery, his beheading of innocent people?


I was once on a bus from some French city to Barcelona. It was 1975, when Spain was going through a spell…

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George Carlin on How Language is Used to Distort Reality.