Roger Helmer MEP


Elzbieta Bienkowska

Dear Commissioner,

I have just read your letter to ITRE Chairman Jerzy Buzek MEP on the subject of the EU’s industrial competitiveness, and I am sorry to say that it left me profoundly depressed – though not quite so depressed as I daresay the Chief Executives of companies across my East Midlands region would feel, had they been obliged to read your pages of bureaucratic verbiage with little substantive content.

It seems to me that there are two major issues.  You mention both, at various points, but you present no significant ideas for serious change.

The first is energy.  As former Industry Commissioner Antonio Tajani put it, “We are creating an Industrial Massacre in Europe (with energy prices)”.  Plants are closing, jobs are lost, investment is being forced out of Europe in a range of energy-intensive businesses, including steel, aluminium, glass, cement, chemicals and petroleum refining.  The extent…

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