One Law For All. No Religious Exceptions.

Roger Helmer MEP


As we all know, the fundamentals of a free society and a successful economy are the rule of law, property rights, and enforceable contracts.  But above all, the Rule of Law.  That is why many concerned citizens worry about the spread of alternative legal systems, and especially of Sharia Law, which is applied increasingly.

Of course citizens are entitled to reach private agreements between themselves, provided that that does not involve any breach of the Law of the Land.  So in theory there can be no objection to two Muslims agreeing to settle a dispute according to Sharia Law and under the ægis of their Imam (again, provided that the Sharia Law solution is consistent with the Law of the Land).  But in practice, there are serious concerns that within the Muslim community, great social and cultural pressure may be put on individuals, and especially on women, to “agree” to…

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Out, Out, Out!

England calling

Robert  Henderson

One thing about the coming EU referendum is certain: it will be a much fairer fight than that which occurred in 1975 when  the  stay-in camp had captured most leading politicians including all the party leaders,  all  the mainstream media and most of big business . In addition, the stay-in side then had funding which utterly dwarfed that of the get-out campaign and, not content with that advantage,  used the  government machine to  produce its own pamphlet on the renegotiations to go alongside  those of the stay-in and leave campaigns.  Perhaps most damaging was a lack of preparation for the vote by those who wanted to leave the EEC.

Today we have an established mainstream party  Ukip  unequivocally urging a vote to leave,  substantial support within  both the Tory and Labour parliamentary parties, including frontbenchers  and senior backbenchers. In addition influential business voices such as Lord Bamford…

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Anyone fancy a Swedish holiday? (Which religion were the perpetrators I wonder)?

Swedish Surveyor


2015-08-10 – Peaceful, multicultural Sweden has been rocked by yet another grenade attack in Malmö, as well as a double murder in an IKEA store just outside Stockholm.

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