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Watts Up With That?

Australian Rabbit “Oryctolagus cuniculus Tasmania 2” by JJ Harrison ( – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

PLOS ONE has published a study which suggests two thirds of rabbit species will be severely affected by climate change. The authors of the study think climate change will force rabbits to migrate towards the poles, or to higher altitudes, and that some species will suffer significant range declines.

The abstract of the study;

Climate change during the past five decades has impacted significantly on natural ecosystems, and the rate of current climate change is of great concern among conservation biologists. Species Distribution Models (SDMs) have been used widely to project changes in species’ bioclimatic envelopes under future climate scenarios. Here, we aimed to advance this technique by assessing future changes in the bioclimatic envelopes of an entire mammalian order, the Lagomorpha, using a novel…

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Pride's Purge


There has been shock and outrage after leading Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander openly used the highly offensive ‘N’ word in an interview with BBC television yesterday.

Mr Alexander had previously been accused of using the word – which many people say is so offensive it should be eradicated from the English language – in other recent discussions about the future of the party.

The following is an extract from an interview in which Alexander uses the ‘n’ word twice in the space of just a few sentences (warning – offensive language):

“The truth is N**k was making an argument that we as pro-Europeans actually haven’t made our case anywhere near powerfully enough or consistently enough for 20 years. Turning that round is a big job. It can’t be done in two debates. I felt incredibly proud of N**k for doing that, because he was standing up for an argument that I really believe in.”

When contacted…

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Utter Twat!

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club.


Are you sitting comfortably? Popcorn just out of the microwave and the beer nicely cooled? Are you wearing extra absorbent pants just in case? Well gather thee round and hear a tale of much “Cumpfuckery” and “Waltdolangdiggerydoda” the tale that is Antony Cumper Two the return.

A quick read for all who have not heard about Tony Cumper

A few weeks back we received a PM from a concerned individual about the antics of a Close protection firm called Thor Risk management where an individual called Tony Cumper was offering free jap slapping classes and close protection for venerable females again making claims of his Military skills, only to then insist on a charge for those services, So not free, and that there was hints of intimidation towards these females.

Now this is not walting, but scratch beneath the surface and a can of worms opened.

We took a…

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