We previously noted the BBC’s inconsistent and inaccurate reporting of the number of fatalities resulting from terror attacks in recent months. Between October 1st and December 31st 2015, twe…

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Sajid Javid - EU Referendum

Sajid Javid’s bizarre, fatalistic justification for backing Remain

When it comes to picking a side in the coming EU referendum, it is possible to categorise the many betrayals and disappointments dished up so far by the Conservative Party.

Some, like William Hague’s, are infuriating because of their misplaced priorities and fawning deference to power. Others, like that of Harlow MP Robert Halfon, are depressing because they fly in the face of long-avowed, ostentatious euroscepticism. But none are so perplexing as the screeching U-turn executed by Business Secretary Sajid Javid.

A barely coherent Javid took to the pages of the Daily Mail today with the most bizarre case for staying in Europe yet offered by a turncoat Tory – arguing that Britain would be much better off had we never joined the EU in the first place, but that now we are in the clutches of Brussels we have no choice…

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Source: Mrs Clegg Cashing in on Brexit

That’s no surprise to me.

Muslim Statistics

Revealed: How one in five inmates in maximum security prisons is Muslim

  • 1,229 out of the 5,885 prisoners in high-security jails follow the Islamic faith
  • The figure equates to 20% compared with 5% Muslim population in Britain
  • At Whitemoor prison, Cambridgeshire, 44% of the 447 inmates are Muslim
  • Some experts warns jails are ‘ripe’ to become extremist recruiting grounds

By Steph Cockroft for MailOnline
Published: 10:38, 25 January 2016 |

One in five inmates serving sentences in Britain’s maximum security jails are Muslim, figures show.

There are currently 5,885 highly dangerous criminals behind bars in the eight Category A prisons in the UK, of which 1,229 follow the Islamic faith.

The figure equates to 20 per cent of high-security prisoners and, according to figures obtained by The Sun, is an increase of 23 per cent from five years ago.

One in five inmates serving sentences in Britain's maximum security jails are Muslim, figures show. Lee Rigby's killers Michael Adebolajo (pictured) and Michael Adebowale were jailed at Category A prison BelmarshMichael Adebowale was also jailed at Category A prison BelmarshOne in five inmates serving sentences in Britain’s maximum security jails…

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