A Class One Bloater.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club.

Meet a right  SAS Bloater Howard Varney


, Last three 148, The Ex Guardsman who served three years in the Coldstream Guards after being kicked out under QR 9.414 service no longer required. He did one tour of NI and served his time in TAC HQ. No problems with that, But……

Now there are Re-enactors who dress up for Re-enactor shows like War and Peace and we here at the WMHC-HQ get that! However, when someone has served and should know better Dressing up at official parades, Funerals and even their own wedding, wearing medals and rank of a WO to which they know their not entitled to wear having not earned it, is an insult to those who have strived through hard work, years of dedicated service and in a very small minority “Bum licking” 😉 Joke 🙂 to get to the lofty heights of WO, its going a Pace…

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