PM caught on mic (again): says to Queen, ‘Nigeria & Afghanistan, possibly the 2 most corrupt countries in the world’ — Chris Ship (@chrisshipitv) May 10, 2016 What is it with Dave and being caught on mic? Tagged: Dave, Tories

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#SJW Wants More Racism.

I promise you 15 mins of fuckwittery.

Yesterday on Twitter I was sent a link in reply to a line of argument about democracy and self governance to an article by Richard Corbett MEP (Labour) which resides on his web page. It’s not actually particularly well signposted on his home page – I couldn’t find it alone, which rather suggests the level […]

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The European Union is not a democracy. In-fact, it is anti-democratic. It is founded upon an explicit intention to override popular democracy and neutralise the constraints imposed on government by…

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To quote Pope Benedict (before the Vatican conspiracy led to his ouster) quoting the 14th century Byzantine emperor, Manuel II Palaiologos, “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” Boom. There…

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Old People

The Telegraph, once one of Britain’s most august publications, has in recent times slipped seriously into a degree of sloppiness. Nothing more highlights that fall than this piece which appeared a day or so ago from Abi Wilkinson.

Abi is a former Mirror staff journalist. Her specialities are Feminism, gender inequality and internet culture. She seems to be quite popular at Polis – the LSE’s journalism and society think tank. Here she is giving a lecture for them.

So the question I had to ask myself before looking too deeply at the article was – is there any evidence that she has done any other work on the EU itself, and what it does, how it works and what might happen post Brexit?

Looking at her work for the International Business Times, it would appear that for them at least she has not been active on the…

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The Remain campaign is squealing about a list released by Vote Leave documenting 50 foreign criminals who were able to commit rapes and murders in Britain because of EU free movement. BSE say it is “scaremongering of the worst kind”, Owen Jones complains it is “grim scaremongering”. Is it, though? Scaremongering is wildly speculating that something bad might happen in the future,…

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What a lovely place it’s becoming.

We previously noted the BBC’s inconsistent and inaccurate reporting of the number of fatalities resulting from terror attacks in recent months. Between October 1st and December 31st 2015, twe…

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Semi-Partisan Politics

Sajid Javid - EU Referendum

Sajid Javid’s bizarre, fatalistic justification for backing Remain

When it comes to picking a side in the coming EU referendum, it is possible to categorise the many betrayals and disappointments dished up so far by the Conservative Party.

Some, like William Hague’s, are infuriating because of their misplaced priorities and fawning deference to power. Others, like that of Harlow MP Robert Halfon, are depressing because they fly in the face of long-avowed, ostentatious euroscepticism. But none are so perplexing as the screeching U-turn executed by Business Secretary Sajid Javid.

A barely coherent Javid took to the pages of the Daily Mail today with the most bizarre case for staying in Europe yet offered by a turncoat Tory – arguing that Britain would be much better off had we never joined the EU in the first place, but that now we are in the clutches of Brussels we have no choice…

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