Antony Cumper 2 walting again!


Utter Twat!

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club.


Are you sitting comfortably? Popcorn just out of the microwave and the beer nicely cooled? Are you wearing extra absorbent pants just in case? Well gather thee round and hear a tale of much “Cumpfuckery” and “Waltdolangdiggerydoda” the tale that is Antony Cumper Two the return.

A quick read for all who have not heard about Tony Cumper

A few weeks back we received a PM from a concerned individual about the antics of a Close protection firm called Thor Risk management where an individual called Tony Cumper was offering free jap slapping classes and close protection for venerable females again making claims of his Military skills, only to then insist on a charge for those services, So not free, and that there was hints of intimidation towards these females.

Now this is not walting, but scratch beneath the surface and a can of worms opened.

We took a…

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