Medicate the Well


underdogs bite upwards

Tomorrow’s morning shift changed to afternoon so no need to rush to bed tonight. Good thing too – I’m not tired and wouldn’t sleep.


I’m going to go with Rose’s cardboard box ageing to start with. It has the advantage that I can put a batch in one box and take samples from that one batch.

Poundland sell vacuum bags for clothes – you just connect the bag to a vacuum cleaner. They’re bigger than I would like but at two for a pound I’ll give them a go. I’ll just put one small batch into the room temperature vac-pack without whisky, since Anonymong has tried it and ithe result wasn’t good.

I’ll skip the jars. Already tried it with whisky and brandy and it looks good although I haven’t yet tested them. I need to work with what I have and limit the experiment to fit.

I think…

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