Scrutiny of the BBC: It’s time to amend the FOI Act 2000


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One of the most controversial aspects of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 is the way it is interpreted and applied by the BBC.

The BBC’s interpretation, backed by establishment cover among the political class, enables the corporation to reject requests for information, effectively exempting itself from being held to account by the public that is compelled by law to fund it if they own and use a device capable of real-time reception of a TV signal.

A recent story about left wing bias at BBC News and Current Affairs, as acknowledged by presenter BBC Radio 4 Today programme John Humphrys, and now a leaked briefing note from the Question Time programme showing David Dimbleby was told to direct a series of difficult questions to Lord Heseltine (Conservative) and Simon Hughes (Lib Dem), but only ask two tame and generic questions of Rachel Reeves (Labour), are the latest in a…

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One Response to “Scrutiny of the BBC: It’s time to amend the FOI Act 2000”

  1. I’ve set up a petition for the “journalism, art or literature” clause to be deleted from the Freedom of Information Act, thereby putting the BBC, Channel 4, S4C and the Gaelic Media Service under the same FOI spotlight they themselves use when trawling the public sector for anything newsworthy.

    If anyone is interested they can click my name to go straight to it.

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