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I always had a lot of respect for the late astronomer Sir Patrick Moore. His genius and wit transcended his field of expertise time and time again. He gave us many unforgettable TV/radio moments. But what I will always remember him for is his wisdom and unmistakable wit. And it`s this wisdom and wit that brings me to write this. Today I read an article whereby Sir Patrick teaches us how to annoy pen-pushers, box-ticking bureaucrats. The following is an extract from this article*.

Ten commandments for bureaucrat bashing

1. Never say anything clearly. When writing to jobsworths and timeservers, word your letter so that it could mean almost anything…or nothing.
2. Don’t be legible. Always write letters by hand, and make your verbose scrawl as impenetrable as possible.
3. Garble your opponent’s name. Misread the signature. If the correspondence is signed ‘M. Harris’, address your reply to ‘N…

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